Healthy infusions with what’s in the pantry


Here are some infusions that we can do with things that we usually have in our kitchen, to sleep, to lose weight and other healthy uses, without more to say we put our hands to the cup.

What is an infusion?

An infusion is a method to extract the active principles of vegetables and use them in a medicinal way, which is known as phytotherapy.

The most classic example and the one of greater consumption in the world is the tea, for that reason many people say to the infusions of any other plant simply tea of such thing. Other common infusions are coffee and mate.

How to properly make an infusion:

Not everyone prepares the infusions correctly, it is important not to put the plant from the beginning and never let boil with the plant in it, otherwise, we will obtain a low-quality infusion.

The first thing to make an infusion is to heat the water, here there are two ways or let it boil and then put out the fire and wait a couple of minutes to add the plant to infuse, or if we have a thermometer we heat the water to about 85 degrees Celsius, remove of the fire and we put the grass to infuse.

The infusion time may vary according to the plant but on average it is about 5 minutes.

How many infusions can be taken daily?

Although there are infusions that according to what can be used to a greater extent, it is advisable to have two cups a day.

How to keep an infusion:

The best thing is to prepare what we are going to take, it is not advisable to prepare an infusion and keep it since it oxidizes and loses properties generally. If we prepare more or we will be traveling and we want to bring an infusion already prepared, the correct thing is that it is stored refrigerated in a refrigerator.


Infusion of Curcuma and Lemon for the Liver:

The use of turmeric goes back more than 2,500 years in India, where it is commonly used in Ayurvedic medicine and Unani. Turmeric brings together a wealth of health benefits, but for our purposes, it should be considered as a liver cleansing, antiseptic and antibacterial agent. From the lemon and we all know the many virtues, this infusion is advisable to take it on an empty stomach to achieve a better effect is very pleasant and clean the liver quickly and pleasantly

It can be sweetened with honey to balance.

For a cup, we will use the juice of half a lemon, hot water in necessary quantity and a pinch of turmeric let’s say the tip of a teaspoon.

Relaxing infusions:

The best ideal relaxing infusions for the end of a hard day are:

Valerin tea
Passiflora tea.

Infusion of Chamomile and Ginger to go to bed:

Relax at the end of the day with a tea that promotes a deep and pleasant sleep, because the answer is here.

Chamomile is known to relieve stress and has a calming effect on the body. Ginger is anti-inflammatory and helps eliminate mucus from the air passages, which allows more effective breathing and therefore a more pleasant sleep.

For the preparation, we just have to put a teaspoon of dried flowers of chamomile in boiling water and we will scratch a bit of fresh ginger, as always the measure is for a cup.

Infusions to lose weight:

The infusions can be a great help to lose weight. from helping to give a feeling of satiety to those that will accelerate the metabolism. The most used are:

The Red Tea
The Green Tea
Cinnamon infusion
Infusion of Cayenne, Cinnamon, and Lemon to lose weight.