12 Totally Clever Gardening Tips & Tricks


12 Totally Clever Gardening Tips & Tricks

Are you a newcomer to gardening? Welcome to the world of gardening. Here are some smart tips and tricks you must know before you start gardening:

25 Totally Clever Gardening Tips & Tricks

To keep deer away
Hang something which is noisy such as wind chimes or tin pie pans in your garden to keep the deer away. But make sure you move them around the garden once in every week so that deer does not get used to the noise. You can also use human urine to keep the deer away by sprinkling some in the corners where you see the deer.

Avoid adding mulch to the plants you are going to winter over until the first frost has taken place. Adding mulch sooner than that would give warmth to the insects and protection from the cold.

Use egg shell or lemon rind instead of big containers or pots when you are starting to seedlings. Later when you plant just crack the shell or cut the rind and put them in with the seedling.

Watering can
If you don’t have a watering can with many holes then you can make your own using a gallon jug. For that you need a pin, a lighter and a gallon jug. Now heat the end of the needle and pierce the jug lid with this heated needle. Repeat the process until you get the desired watering can.

Keep your plants fresh when you are away
Follow this simple paper towel trick to keep your plants from drying when you are out. Tightly roll a paper towel and shove it into the soil with the other of it draped in a glass of water. The paper towel will absorb the water and will spread it over the soil evenly.


Start small
Don’t start with too large garden as it will eventually frustrate you. Start with small area; let’s say around 100 square feet. You can easily manage a small garden and learn the gardening tips quite easily such as weed and pest control, watering trick, etc. later you can expand it when you are confident enough.

Prevent your nail
Hate the dirt that accumulates under your nails while you work in the soil. So what you require is to draw your fingernails across a soap bar to seal the undersides of your nails so that there is no room for dirt to enter. Later use a nailbrush to clean off the soap. Your nails will stay shiny clean.

Keep the slugs away
Put some crushed egg shells around your plant to keep them from slugs and caterpillars as they don’t walk on the sharp surface.

Dry your herbs
To dry your herbs quickest and in the best manner, place them on the newspaper at the back seat of your car. You will get the dry herbs within just 2 days.

Harvest in the morning
The best time to harvest your vegetables is in the morning when the vegetables are packed with nutrients. You can also preserve the nutrients present in the vegetables by keeping them in refrigerator but make sure you don’t put tomatoes and onions in the refrigerator because if you do then the vegetables will lose some of the flavors.

Vodka for flowers
Did you know that vodka can keep the cut flowers fresh for longer. Just add some in a bottle and store your flowers.

Plant markers
If you have some broken pots then you can use them as your plant market. They will look beautiful and funky. Just write the name of the plant with a permanent marker and dig it in the soil a little.

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