3  Great Ideas for vertical gardens


3  Great Ideas for vertical gardens

If you have a free wall that you need to decorate or if you do not have too much space on your patio, encourage yourself to make your own vertical garden. These are vertical structures on which you can place any type of plant, whether floral or edible.

Before putting these ideas into practice, you should take into account some factors:


  • The permanence

This is an important factor to consider if you rent your home. You should also evaluate it if your garden receives a limited amount of sunlight. In either case, it will be better to opt for lightweight materials, which can be moved easily.


  • The shadow

Design your garden taking into account that, as the plants will grow upwards, they can block the sun from those below. Thus, you should place those plants that grow best in the shade at the bottom of the vertical structure.


  • Choose your plants well

Choose the species you will plant taking into account the care they will require. For example, if you choose a variety that needs to be pruned, make sure that access is simple. The most advisable thing is to choose plants that reach a height that you like and that does not require excessive work on your part.


  • The location, height, and strength of the structure

Make sure to mount your vertical garden in a place that does not hinder the passage. It is also important that you consider the resistance of the materials with which you will build the structure. These should be strong enough to support the weight of the pots. Height is also a factor to consider: if you place your plants too high, it will be difficult to water them and take care of them. In case you have no other alternative, you can opt for a pulley system.


  • Be careful with invasive plants

There are some species that grow on almost any surface. If you put any of them near the walls, they can damage the paint, beams and other materials in your home.



  • Watering

Depending on the location of your vertical garden, when exposed to more sunlight and wind, plants may need to be watered more frequently.


  • First structure then planting

Make sure to install your vertical garden before planting. This will prevent you from damaging the roots.

  1. The pockets system

These vertical gardens are assembled with a porous material similar to felt. To create something similar, you can reuse shoe organizers.

  1. Pots mounted on a pallet structure

To build this structure, you will only need to hang a pallet from the wall. On it you can hang the pots with hooks in the shape of “S” or other similar.

  1. Cans mounted on a wooden structure

Clean the cans well before reusing them. Be especially careful with those that may contain chemical residues, as these could damage your plants. Nail them on a wooden structure and plant within them the species that you like. You can also fix the cans directly on the wall.