10 House protective plants and where to place them 


10 House protective plants and where to place them 

Take advantage of all the energy that the Universe puts in your hands through nature to protect your home, with the protective plants of the home.

Plants are living beings that positively impact your health and mood. Are you one of the people who like to take care of them?

The protective plants of the home protect your home from bad energies. It is recommended to have them in the houses because they attract light, peace, and harmony.

But do you know where to put them? Here we present some types of greens that you should have in your home.



It is governed by Mars, this planet gives it an active energy that allows to regenerate the air and absorb the negativity. It is very good for a new home and to ward off diseases.

If in the house there is a sick person or with depression, their leaves will absorb the discomfort preventing it from spreading. As a gift, it brings good luck to a new home.


It attracts abundance and personal success. They should be placed in a place where they receive solar energy, that is, outdoors.



Their spines drive away the intruders and absorb the bad. It is advisable to place them in the extreme part of the house: patios, balconies, gardens, and terraces.

Plant four together, each one oriented towards a cardinal point so that the protection of the house is total.



It is responsible for ensuring that nothing is missing at home. It promotes abundance, family health and strengthens the couple’s relationship. It should be placed in a hanging pot near a window, it is good against envy.




They are associated with economic good luck, they defend us from enemies, they are ideal to fight depression.

Put ferns near the threshold of the entrance door to the house so that they protect its interior and make its inhabitants happy. In a vase, with other flowers, it has protective properties.



Also known as happiness plant, they improve health and purify the environment. You can place it near a window where they absorb light. They have the power to reduce noise and end the headaches of a family member.



They are the first allies and defenders of true love. They are able to relax your mind. Have a bunch of roses in the bedroom, if you have a partner. Otherwise, place a rose in a vase of water until the petals separate.


This plant cleans the home of negative energy, away from nightmares, it is good to have it inside the home. Place your leaves under the pillow to have a peaceful sleep.



As solar plants, they help improve mood, memory, and concentration. Put two dried laurel twigs and two rosemary sprigs in a glass vase in the hallway at the entrance to the hearth. A laurel planted near home protects its inhabitants from diseases. Rosemary attracts good vibrations




It attracts luck. In the Chinese belief it is customary to give a bamboo at the beginning of the year. You can have it anywhere in your house. They should never be planted in a garden because they will attract problems.