How to get tomato plants in 5 days


How to get tomato plants in 5 days

The word tomato comes from the word tomatl of Nahuatl. Nahuatl is an ancient language used by Mexicans. Tomato is a crop that has its origin in South America, exactly in the Andean region of Peru, Ecuador, Bolivia, Chile, Columbia and Mexico where they had consumed it since 700 BC. After the conquest of Mexico by Hernán Cortés in 1523 it was discovered and arrived in Spain in 1540.

The cultivation of tomatoes develops perfectly in the Mediterranean area, the first tomatoes were grown in Italy and were yellow.

The tomato plant is an annual, herbaceous, hairy plant, with leaves of intense smell and erect or creeping depending on the variety. The tomato plant produces yellow flowers that are grouped in clusters. The stems of the tomato plant are not very rigid so we will have to guide the tomato plant with canes, tutors or raffia threads.

Nowadays the tomato is cultivated worldwide and is much appreciated for its great utility in the kitchen, good taste and for its great properties. You cannot miss the tomato crop in your home garden.

This is a simple method to obtain tomato plants in just 5 days and in a very simple way. All you need will be the seeds of some tomatoes you have at home, a bottle or plastic water bottle, stones, dirt, newspaper-newspaper-and a garbage bag.


First things first

You must remove some seeds or tomato seeds and store them in a container for later use.

Prepare the seedbed

First, you must cut one side of the plastic bottle so that there is a hole like the one seen in the photograph. Then make a couple of holes for the water to drain and place some stones in the bottom.


 Add good soil

Add the soil to the plastic container and then spread the seeds over the soil so that they do not come together. Now you only need to cover the seeds with a little more soil – not a very thick layer so that it does not cost you so much work to go out.


Take one or two sheets of newspaper and soak them in water. Squeeze them just a little to remove the excess water without leaving them dry, and put it on the ground.

The final step

Wrap the bottle in the black garbage bag and keep it tightly closed. The idea is that this bag keeps the humidity and works like a greenhouse. Now let your seedbed stand for 4 or 5 days. When you check then if your seeds have germinated, the paper should still be moist.

Once they germinate, leave them in a place where they get sun. Do not water them with lots of water to prevent their roots from rotting. Then you have to transplant your plants in different pots so they have more room to grow.