Bug Zapper to Rid Your Home and Garden of Bugs


Bug Zapper to Rid Your Home and Garden of Bugs

Mosquitoes, wasps and other insects can easily ruin your picnic and those lazy summer nights spent in your own yard. With the right bug zapper you can regain control, but there are some things you need to know first.


The best bug zappers should be powerful enough to kill or at least stun the insects, but at the same time safe enough so as not to harm children. The light these devices emit should be appealing for the bugs, without being too overpowering or bothersome to the human eye.

They also need to be easy to hang, operate and clean. Nonetheless, depending on the area you need to protect, a single zapper may not be enough, and you may need various models to be entirely safe.

Indoors and outdoors zappers

When you need to get rid of pests both in the home and in the garden, then consider purchasing a solar powered zapper with a weatherproof body. Obviously, a single device of this kind is not enough to protect both areas simultaneously, but placing several indoors and outdoors will do the trick.

Despite its small coverage area, a solar zapper gives you freedom since it requires no outlets and no electricity. To the contrary, if you purchase a unit that switches from UV blacklight to harmless LED whenever you need to, then you can bring light to inaccessible areas like the stairs.


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Garden zappers

1. A bug racket with batteries is suitable against all types of insects, even though the current may not always kill larger bugs. Even so, look for a zapper that features a safety button, just to be sure kids won’t trigger it by accident. This type of handheld device works just fine as long as you are willing and able to hunt bugs down with it.

When it comes to the aesthetics of your backyard, not just its protection, the best bug zappers are those that look like vintage street lamps. These have a capture tray that holds the dead bugs in, but you should still hang the zapper some distance away from people and food. This way, you also make sure no insects will be bothering you and your guests before hitting the fryer.

2. A bug buzzer with a dim, 40 watt light is enough to draw insects to it, especially if it features a scent lure. This type of lamp is particularly useful against mosquitoes, but beware that some zappers may give off an irritating smell (coming from both the substance used and the dead bugs). What you can do is hang it further away from where you sit.

3. Another way to keep the power bill on the low is to use a zapper with an incorporated programmable timer. You can set it when to run and when to shut off, and thus save energy.

These come in a variety of outputs for every need, with the largest ones being able to cover up to one acre of land. However, be ready to stand the noise each time a bug hits the fryer.

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