Creating a winter garden wonderland for the whole family


Creating a winter garden wonderland for the whole family

When it’s cold outside, your garden doesn’t have to be neglected. In fact with a little creativity you can create a space that the whole family can enjoy even in the winter months. Here garden specialists Oeco Garden Rooms give us some advice on creating the perfect winter garden wonderland.

Garden Layout is key

Having the right garden layout is not only important in the summer months, but can be the perfect basis for creating a garden that can be used all year round. During the winter as plants and shrubs start to die off you will start to see the barebones of the garden, and if not laid out properly can make it look untidy and bland.

Adding structure to the garden by utilising walled edging, hedges and flower beds is a great way of setting out designated areas in the garden which can be repurposed during different times of the year.

Add seasonal colours to create a winter garden

Just because its winter doesn’t mean that your garden can’t be beautiful too. Adding seasonal colours like red, white and green are a great way of making the space more inviting.

Flowers like Hellebores, also known as the Christmas rose are a great choice for the winter months and produce pink and white flowers with big green leaves that fill the space. Hellebores flower between late winter and early spring providing a burst of colour during the colder months.

Another alternative is to plant Clematis Jingle Bells; these bold white flowers typically bloom between December and January, although they will need slightly more maintenance than other flowers as they can grow up to 5 metres high.

Fir trees are synonymous with winter and Christmas and are a great addition to any garden. They require little maintenance and are evergreen, so will provide colour all year round, but make sure to choose a small species as some can grow very big.

For even more of a festive touch, why not opt for a holly bush. Make sure that you buy a male bush because these are the ones that produce the red berries. Alternatives to a Holly bush include Cotoneaster horizontalis and Pyracantha, both of which are great for adding a touch of colour to the garden.


The winter smell


While the inside of the house is filled with the smells of oranges, spices and cinnamon in the winter months, the garden is mostly forgotten, but there are a range of scented winter flowers that can be planted to conjure the festive spirit.

Witch Hazel is one of the most popular winter flowers and adds a wintery scent of liquorice to the garden. Winter honeysuckle is also a great choice; this white flower produces a lemony scent into the air.

For those who want a winter shrub that does not need a lot of maintenance then Sarcococca is a good fit. This shrub, also known as the Christmas Box produces white flowers and produces an aromatic honey scent during the winter months.

Decorating the garden

There are plenty of ways to decorate your winter garden wonderland including fairy lights and lanterns. These can be hung around trees, wrapped around hedges and fitted to outdoor structure to create a magical environment.

For those on a budget, there are plenty of cost effective choices such as tying ribbons to tree branches, making your own hanging wreaths and dotting them around the garden and decorating small trees and hedges with baubles and tinsel.

Adding a heat source

Winter is cold, and as the temperature falls so does the activity in the garden. Making your garden useable all year round is easy by installing a heat source. Patio heaters and chimeras are popular ways of adding heat to the garden, but can be expensive to buy and run. Building a fire pit is a cheap and easy way to provide a heat source in the garden for the whole family to enjoy.

Attracting Robins to your garden

Robins are synonymous with the winter and have been used on festive cards dating back to the mid-19th century. Robins are social birds and will often visit when other birds are around. Make sure that there is plenty of food in the garden for all birds including black sunflower seeds and seed balls. Try to avoid using dried lentils as only certain birds can eat them.

If you want to attract Robins to your garden, they like crushed nuts, fruit and berries, so putting some of these in your garden is sure to get them knocking.



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