6 Creative and Simple DIY Gardens For Indoors and Outdoors


6 Creative and Simple DIY Gardens For Indoors and Outdoors

It’s the quest of every person to live in a fine-looking home, house or apartment that is well adorned with herb gardens. Apart from giving you a stunning home, herb gardens also help in making purifying the environment around your residential area. Irrespective of whether you put them inside or outside your house, you are guaranteed of fresh air all through. Luckily, you can manage a herb garden in your home if you have some little space. Attending to your garden is paramount for it to flourish and you only require a little time to maintain.

Let’s have a look at some six creative and simple DIY garden ideas for your home.

1. Vertical Hanging Garden

What an amazing way to make your home beautiful and stunning using this design? The hanging garden design appears like some ladder with steps which have holes where you place your herbs. This idea is more practical if you have some space in a corner. It’s crucial to ensure that your herbs are constantly watered and receiving sufficient sunlight.

2. Tea Cup Planters

You can adorn every room in your house with herbs planted in teacups. Given that you can fine teacups of various sizes, colors and shapes, using teacup planters is a convenient way to give your home a good impression. To ensure that your herbs are blending well with your home décor, select teacups with matching colors. Your cupboard doesn’t need to host teacups that you no longer use; utilize them with plants and prettify your house. Alternatively, try some vintage teapots which can be readily obtained at low prices in free markets and thrift shops.

3. One Big Pot

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Using a single pot that is big enough to accommodate various herbs is also a great idea to decorate your house in case you have limited space. You should ensure that the herbs are properly labeled and attended. This design is easier to maintain because watering all the herbs can be done at once. Don’t forget to place your big pot in a well sunlit part in your house.

4. Bookshelf Garden


If you have an empty bookshelf, you can make the best of it by planting some herbs or flowers. Although this design will work just like the faux ladder planter, it involves planting herbs in different compartments of the ladder. Also, the bookshelf garden is ideal for indoor smartening while the faux ladder suits outdoor adornment.

5. Bottle-Top Vertical Garden

The chances are that some bottles are lying around in your home which you no longer use. Have you been aware that you can improve the beauty of your home with these bottles? Simply cut the top half part of the bottle and pin them on a wall outside your house. Place them upside down and fill the upper side with soil and then plant your herbs or flowers. Don’t cover the smaller openings as they will act as drainage. Alternatively, you can cut out part of your bottles while lying vertically and plant herbs but ensure that the top is cooked.

6. Vertical Garden Walls

One of the incredible things about the vertical garden wall design is that you can hang all your herbs regardless of where they are planted. Simply put a wire netting on your wall such that you will get somewhere to hang your plants. Apart from occupying a little space, this idea can work for both the indoors and outdoors. You can plant your herbs in tins, cans, bottles or anything else and make a vertical garden wall.

If you have been looking for ways to make your home a better place with herbs, you should go to the above six ideas. They are not only simple and affordable but also convenient when it comes to their maintenance. Such gardens will ensure that your home is always supplied with herbs all through. Since they occupy a small space, they are convenient for every home, house or apartment. It is important to ensure that your herb gardens are properly watered and attended on a regular basis. Make your home stunning by trying any of the above ideas.

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