Amazing benefits of dehydrated fruits and how to make them


Learn to dehydrate fruits in the easiest way in the world

A recently released study concluded that they have the same anti-cancer properties as fresh ones. They help improve digestion, prevent circulatory diseases, although they should be consumed with caution for weight gain.
Within the multiple benefits that fruits provide us are also those that we obtain by dehydrating them. After submitting to this process, both vitamins and minerals, and other nutrients are preserved in large proportion.

“The consumption of these fruits favors the low contribution of sodium to the body, prevents diseases such as cancer and helps people with hypertension and also provides fiber,” says Sandra Sastoque, a nutritionist, graduated from the Universidad del Atl├íntico.

It is key to recognize that there is a difference between dried and dehydrated fruits. The first ones have a hard shell, they are rich in unsaturated fats, type omega 3. Peanuts, pistachios, macadamia or walnuts are examples of this. The second ones are produced by exposing them to a caloric source to dehydrate them. Depending on its maturation, the process is faster.

Nubia Su├írez, retired nurse, who had a series of health complications, comments on how she introduced them to her diet. After 39 years of work, he had to stay at home, from one moment to the next. Your cholesterol, triglyceride and glycemia levels were “unbalanced”.


Remember that making the market saw a bag of blueberries, macadamia and nuts. When they were consumed, their flavor caught their attention, but I did not know what kind of product it was.



Suarez then consulted a doctor who suggested eating “only blueberries for their benefits.” After investigating, he decided to follow the advice and today he has been eating them for three months.


“I feel good, especially with the kidney. My skin has improved a lot since I’ve used it, “he said. He said that before the potassium was lowered, but this does not happen since the blueberries are part of their daily diet.


Here we share 3 different methods, very easy and without expensive machines to dehydrate and use them as snacks or snacks in your meetings or office.


Method 1

You will need the favorite fruits or vegetables, a dark frying pan to attract sunlight easier, a mandolin to finely slice your fruits and a cardboard box where the interior should be covered with aluminum foil.

Here you should put all the slices of fruits or vegetables in the pan and put it in the solar box, leave it in the sun for 5 days and you will notice how your food loses moisture and becomes drier and crispy.


Method 2

Soak your strawberries, bananas or apples in lemon juice for 10 minutes, then drain and dry. Preheat the oven to 130-160 degrees and place the strawberry on a tray and let it heat for two hours to achieve the desired dehydrated effect.


Method 3

Mix the fruit with two tablespoons of sugar, let stand for 40 minutes. Finally, take them to the oven for three hours. Your oven should be at 180 degrees.