Top Fast Growing Veggies You Can Have In No Time


Top Fast Growing Veggies You Can Have In No Time

Vegetable gardening is a process that requires patience if you want to get good results. It takes some time to prepare a planting spot and even more time to wait for your crops to mature. If you are one of those people who do not like waiting for long, you can choose to plant vegetables that tend to grow quickly. With these veggies, you will not only grow them fast but will also require you to take less care of them. Read on for more information on the 15 fastest growing veggies.

Lettuce (30 days)

Lettuce is an easy crop to grow and matures within 30 days. You can sow lettuce seeds every month and continue to enjoy them all year round. There are many varieties of lettuce, and they can be planted as seeds or young plants. Just make sure the temperatures are right. It does well in cooler temperature but can still be grown during summer as long as you grow them under a cool shade. Lettuce is convenient to grow because it does not need a large space, can be planted indoors and they don’t mind being close together.

Radishes (21 days)

If you are looking for a fast growing vegetable, you’ve got to consider radish. It is a cool-season crop that grows best in 50⁰F to 65⁰F temperatures. They are easy to manage, all you need is to sow the seeds and within 25-30 days you will see green leafy shoots above the soil that are ready for harvesting. They come in different shapes and colors. They require not much space and can easily be grown in containers but in sunny places.

Spinach (30 days)

It takes 45 days to harvest fully grown spinach leaves and 30 days if you are interested in baby spinach. This plant requires cool temperatures; heat may damage the leaves. It does not require much space and can be grown in containers. When harvesting, pluck the big leaves from the bottom of the stem to give room for the small leaves to grow

Green Onions (21 days)

Green onions are also known as scallions. They are harvested after 3-4 weeks when the green shoots are at a height of 6 inches. Once the green onion stalk is ready for harvesting, you can cut it from its base to allow another stalk to grow. Cutting off the stalk from the base can be done several times throughout the season.

Zucchini (40-55 dyas)


Zucchini is a vegetable loved by many. It takes 40-45 days to mature. Once the plant starts to flowering it will take 4-8 days before it is ready for harvesting. A single plant of zucchini will produce 6-10 pounds of fruit every season.

Turnips (30-55 days)

Turnips can also grow well in the spacious garden. They take about 45 days before they are ready for harvesting. When the turnip leaves reach a diameter of 2 inches, they may be cut off and used in making different soups and salads.

Tatsoi (25 days)

It is a fast growing veggie used in soups and salads. Small tatsoi leaves can be harvested when they are 4 inches long and fully grown mature Tatsoi can be harvested after 40 days.


Garden Cress (14 days)

Garden Cress takes as little as two weeks before they are ready for harvesting. You can plant them in a small space and expect high yields in return.

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Bush Beans (40-55 days)

Bush beans are fast growing and do not require a lot of hard work. They do not require any support when growing; they tend to spread out well just about two feet. Sow the seeds where they can have full access to the sun and wait to harvest in plenty.

Beets (35-60 days)

Beets are ready to be picked after 30 days. You will know they are ready for harvesting when the beet shoulders shoot from the soil. They can be eaten raw or cooked.

Bok Choy (30-45 days)

Bok Choy
Bok choy is a Chinese vegetable. It does best in cool temperatures. Baby bok choy can be harvested after a month but for full sized bok choy, you may need to add a couple of weeks before you enjoy them.

Kale (30 days)

Kale continuous growing and reproducing weeks after it has attained maturity. But for it to get to the level of being harvested, it may take 30 days. When ready for harvesting, all you need to do is cut the mature leave and wait for other young ones to sprout.

Broccoli Rabe (40-60 days)

A Broccoli Rabe is closer to the turnip and mustard families and a distant cousin to broccoli proper, rapini. Its cluster of green buds is surrounded by leafy shoots. All its parts are edible and are usually eaten raw in salads. Brocolli Rabe takes 40-60 days to mature.

Sunflower Shoots (12 days)

Sunflower shoots, greens or sprouts are small but full of nutrients. They take 12 days before they are ready for harvesting. Sunflowers are harvested by cutting the stem when two leaves show on the stem.

Benefits of Veggies
Vegetables are essential for a healthy life. Those who eat vegetables have vital nutrients that maintain their bodies and protect them from chronic diseases such as kidney stones, heart diseases, diabetes and many others.

Sum Up -Enjoy Gardening
Planting fast growing veggies has made gardening fun and easier even for the first timers. You know longer have to wait long to enjoy the fruits of your labor. Growing your vegetables doesn’t have to involve a lot of hard work. You get to live a healthy life while sparing some time to engage in other activities. Better yet you get to involve everyone including your children.