Gardeners gifts. Seed pumps of aromatic plants presented with great care


Gardeners gifts. Seed pumps

Today I propose to go shopping, but without moving much. If yesterday we searched for some other marker for plants, today our search will focus on seed bombs of aromatic plants, presented with great care and with all the necessary information for planting and cultivation.

We will find everything in an establishment dedicated to the design, production, and sale of products for urban gardens, designed for people who live in the city but like the countryside, the artisan and the good life (they call them ruralbanitas).

Behind EcoQuchu is Esther and Manuel, biologist and geographer respectively. They say that they bet on the local and responsible, that’s why the seeds and substrates that they prepare and sell are ecological. In addition, the cultivation tables are manufactured by a local carpenter and the boxes used for the presentations are made by the social company “manipulated solidarity”.

Seed pumps are handcrafted with different substrates designed to enhance the conservation and germination of the seeds it contains. For each product, they have prepared a series of cards that we can download from their website, where we will find the basic instructions on planting and care.


The presentations are very varied, from cardboard and wood boxes to sewing kits, as well as a series of articles related to the urban garden, such as cultivation tables, seedbeds, hanging pots, hotels for insects, vermicomposters and even presses Botanicals !. There are many details. Do not say I did not notify you.

These boxes with six aromatic herb seed bombs are an ideal gift for those who like plants, cooking, infusions, cocktails and enjoy the good things in life. This method of germination, inspired by the Japanese method Nendo Dango de Fukuoka, has more success percentage, is very simple and more comfortable.

The pumps are handcrafted with different substrates designed to enhance the conservation and germination of the seeds they contain. Each seed pump contains between 10 and 20 seeds and will result in a plant mat that you can use, once it has grown, in the kitchen or to prepare infusions and cocktails.

The mode of use is very easy: pump the soil in a pot with a substrate or in the garden, water and wait for the seedlings to grow. The pumps are packed in a beautiful cardboard box made by hand by the social company Manipulados solidarity, which works with people at risk of exclusion.

You can choose between three combinations of seeds: Basic, with basil, oregano, parsley, thyme, coriander, and mint; Infusions and cocktails, with anise, chamomile, mint, mint, pennyroyal and lemon balm; o The different ones, with savory, cumin, anise, chamomile, marjoram and dill.