Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever by Using Cucumber


Get Rid of Cockroaches Forever by Using Cucumber

If you’ve ever lived in a building that had a cockroach problem, you know that they are more than just a minor annoyance. Aside from being an intrusive eyesore, they also can cause many health and sanitation issues. Cockroaches are among the oldest living creatures on the planet; they have been around since the time of the dinosaurs. They’ve managed to adapt to extremely adverse conditions, which means that they are one of the hardest insects to exterminate.


These troublesome and persistent pests regularly invade restaurants, homes, offices, and even hospitals. Because they are attracted to rotting food, as well as animal and human feces, cockroaches are potent spreaders of bacteria and diseases. Even the less-threatening problems they pose can be annoying and costly-they can stain and even destroy fabric and paper products.

There are many solutions available to reclaim your home or place of business from the roaches. Let’s look at a few:

Natural Methods for Cockroach Removal


One effective method that seems too simple to be true is to buy a cucumber, slice it, and place the slices in corners where you’ve noticed cockroach activity. The smell of the cucumber acts as a natural deterrent to cockroaches. To see more about this method, visit this article from Alternatives to the cucumber method include using bay leaves or garlic in the same way described above.

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Soapy Water

Keep a spray bottle full of soapy water handy. When sprayed thoroughly and directly, soapy water can kill cockroaches without bringing toxic chemicals into your home. More information about this method is available here.

Bread Soaked in Beer

Another simple DIY method is to leave a beer-soaked piece of bread in areas that see a lot of roach traffic.

Chemical Alternatives

If you’ve tried some of the natural cockroach removal remedies and your cockroach problem persists, it may be worth looking into pesticides.

Store-Bought Insecticides

Many spray-bottle insecticides are available in stores. Be sure to buy one that is specifically for cockroaches, as they are much heartier than other insects. Also, make sure you only use these sprays in well-ventilated areas that aren’t used for food preparation.


When all else fails, it’s time to call in the professionals. Depending on the severity of your building’s infestation, it may take several visits for an exterminator to solve your problem for good. Luckily, a spraying is much simpler than it used to be, and typically will not require you to vacate your home. Typically, an exterminator will make an initial visit to spray chemicals that kill the roaches before they can reproduce. A month or so later, they will return to spray the affected area to ensure that they’ve gotten rid of the last of the roaches.

If you’ve got a roach problem, the time to act is now. Cockroaches are more than just annoying, they can cause serious health problems. Whether you use a simple natural method, insecticides, or the services of an exterminator, it’s time to show the cockroaches who’s the boss.