How To Build A Mini Water Garden Oasis


How To Build A Mini Water Garden Oasis

Written By: Diana Smith

We all love the soothing sound of water which cools our mind and that is why we always get mental peace when we are around a pond or a lake. But the thing is that we can’t go out to a lake or pond every day and also we can’t have such a pond in our home. So how about making your own small water garden oasis? Sounds interesting eh? So here is how:

How To Build A Mini Water Garden Oasis

Choose your plants first


Corkscrew rush – It is a marginal water plant which can grow at the edge of a pond as well as inside the pond but still in soil. The plant reaches the height of 60 cm and grows better in sun or part shadow. Make sure you don’t choose J. Baltic’s ‘Spirals’, which is less upright and can spread too.

Miniature cattail – Another type of marginal plant which reaches up to 45 cm height and grows the best in sun or part shade.

Fairy moss – This floating moss will float at the surface of the water and it is 1-3 cm across. The green fronds turn red in fall and the plant spreads quickly in winters.

Chameleon plant – This marginal flora yields out white flowers in early summers and should be planted in a perennial bed and be mulched overwinters. It is good at spreading and reaches the height of 15 cm. It grows well in sun and part shadow too.

Spike rush or needle rush hair grass – This qualifies the category of marginal as well as oxygenating plant which is necessary for the survival of fishes. It grows 30 cm tall and grows better in sun and part shade.

Type – 1: Tub – time

A tub which is large and made of steel with dimensions of 30 cm deep and 46 cm square works as a great base for this activity.

Install a pump in the bottom of the tub and cover it with a plastic pot. Some people suggest using a piece of gridded plastic as a foundation for the upper layer of the stones. A gridded plastic like the one that you see installed over fluorescent lighting. You can also add variety of sizes of stones, small or large, and wind it up with a flat slab of slate that forms the way for the stream of water.


Type – 2: Grassy foundation

A pot 61 cm deep and 46 cm in diameter is required with a drainage hole. Fill the hole with plumber’s putty. Now insert a pond liner and cut to fit. There is a chance that your pot may absorb the water. So in order to prevent it from absorbing the water you can spray some ceramic sealer on the inside walls of the pot.

How To Build A Mini Water Garden Oasis 1

Now install the pump and cover it with any regular plastic pot with its notch cut so that the pump’s power wire can fit into it. Make sure your plastic pot has a drainage hole to thread the pump tubing through. Now let the wire through and drape it on the sides of the container. Then keep the smaller lined ceramic pot over the top of the plastic pot and pull out the tubing through the drainage hole.

This is the point when you should the check the water flow as mostly pumps have a lever that controls the motion of water and once the top pot is installed, you will not be able to reach there. The quality and type of pump is responsible for the speed of water flow. It moves faster through a straight attachment while it takes longer when it flows through attachment with small holes.

Now is the time to fill your pot with your favorite pebbles and marbles. The pebbles will hide the hardware part of your pot and will keep the parts safe and organized.

What you can do to install the water plants

First detach the plants from their containers or pots and then wrap the roots and soil in burlap. Then Keep it in the mesh buckets that are designed specially for water plants and are easily available in the garden centres.

You should cover the top with pea gravel in order to keep the soil down. Don’t forget to check the pump’s filter after frequent intervals as this where the residual soil is going to collect.