How To Build A Vertical Garden


How To Build A Vertical Garden

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In today’s populated world where we are lacking space for outward gardens in our areas or homes an idea of vertical garden occurred. Patrick Blanc, a French Botanist, invented the concept of vertical gardens and made the urban walls green and beautiful. So do you a wall that is empty or look horrible? This is exactly what you need. So let’s read out how to create your own simple and beautiful vertical garden:

vertical garden

Prepare pallet
The first step involves using the pallet and fixing its loose nails or rough areas. Then attach the 3 extra timber or wooden slats at the back of your pallet.

Cut and staple
Cut the weed mat and cover the pallet from the top, sides and bottom with it. Staple the mat to the pallet starting from the top side. Now smooth the weed mat across the pallet and make sure it is kept taut through out. Leave the front and top portion of the pallet as this where your greens will grow.

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Position it
After the weed is attached to the top of the pallet, turn it around so that the open side is in front of you. Now position it close to the wall where you would want to fix it.

Place the plants tightly together on the top of the pallet by filling the potting mix and pushing it through the slats. Don’t use edible plants as they are not suitable for this project. Compact the mix in using your hands. The remainder portion of pallet can be filled with the potting mix. Make sure that all plants are tightly fitted together.


Make sure that there is no space left on the pallet and there is no room for soil to come out. Leave the pallet lying down in a cool and bright place for about 6 days or a week so that the roots can hold the soil well. Then begin to water after you notice that plants are well rooted. This process takes about 4-12 weeks.

Now just fix the pallet vertically on the wall and don’t forget to water it regularly after every 7-10 days when the soil starts getting dry. Take out the pallet, keep it flat on the floor and water it. Hang it again after letting the soil drain. You can place as many pallets and of different sizes on the walls and make the urban walls go green.

If you want to avoid all the fussy procedure, then there are gardening centres that help you build your own wall garden. You just have to do a little home work before you go to them. Note the size of the wall and the factors around the wall such as sunlight exposure or pollution. You can purchase preassembled frame instead of making your own.

Some factors that need your attention:

Shade factor: Make sure that you consider the shade factor before you choose your plants as while they grow with time, their stems may create barriers in the way of sunlight to the plants below them or behind them. For such areas choose the plants that are ok with shade and perform well in semi shaded areas.

Choosing your plant factor: Choose your plant depending upon your purpose or requirements. If you are getting it done to create more privacy then go for the ones that are going to grow a bit long. Read the labels of the plants before you choose them to avoid the future hard work.

Maintenance factors: Don’t go for the plants that are hard to maintain when attached on your wall. Plan how will you shape your plants and give them a hair cut. Make sure that they grow at a suitable height. Consider the weight of your frames so that plant weight does not destroys your frames and thereby all other greens.

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