The influence of the moon on the garden and orchard plants


The influx of the moon in the crops. The influence of the moon on the garden and orchard plants

The moon is related to the evolution of numerous processes that occur in nature.

According to tradition, these are some of the gardener jobs that are recommended to do according to the lunar phases. There is no hard scientific evidence, but there are those who want to try and draw their own conclusions.

new Moon

– Eliminate weeds.

– Remove the withered leaves.

– Apply fertilizer to green leafy plants.

– Do not water indoor plants.

– It is favorable to fertilize and plow the soil.

– The optimal phase for the sowing of the lawn if it is accompanied by rainy weather.

– The round leaf trees are planted in New Moon and the longleaf trees in Waning. And the same in terms of pruning.

Fourth Crescent

– It is the most propitious phase to cultivate the sandy grounds, clean the leaves, prune, fertilize and plant any variety of flower plant.

– Plants fertilized and cared for at this stage grow more quickly.

– On the other hand, it is not recommended to water the flower plants during this phase.

Fourth Warning

– We can remove the withered leaves.

– Water down the flowering plant and spray the green leaf plant.

– It is the best phase to perform transplants and kill insects and weeds.

– Spread manure in waning.


– All the vegetables that grow underground have to be sown in waning. Corn, tomato, bean, in new moon.

Full moon

– Invite the collection.

– It is also a good time to fertilize the plants and water.

– Transplant indoor plants.

It also indicates that the collection of medicinal plants is preferable to make it full moon if you want them to have greater vitality, because in warning they are less noticeable and other things that indicate, because “according to tradition, the moon is related to the development of numerous processes that occur in nature, from there popularly recommended to do certain gardening jobs in each of the phases of the moon “because throughout his journey he exerts a remarkable influence on the sea and of course the plants. (ECO GARDEN N-15)

each phase how does the moon affect our cactus?

the tasks that we do as a peal, application of fertilizer, changes of pots, among others, in which phase will be more advisable to do it?

my grandparents always sow in waning because the plants grow smaller or give abundant branches, flowers, and fruits, when they do in growing the plants grow taller and bear little fruit, this I have observed a lot of plants such as corn, sorghum, melons, guava, camber, among other plants, not whether this topic has already been discussed in the old forum or has only been referred to, but it would be worth observing what benefits can be derived from the lunar phases for our cactus.