Natural traps to kill cockroaches at home


Natural traps to kill cockroaches at home

Do you have cockroach problems at home? Small or large, the truth is that many people produce a certain horror. We discover some traps and natural remedies that will help you eliminate them easily.

For centuries, cockroaches have become the staunchest enemies of the human race. And is that their great ability to survive even in the most extreme environmental conditions have made them “hard to kill”.

However, Mother Nature has given us some weapons that we can use against her, and although they will not die, we can keep them out of our homes. This is how we can sleep peacefully without feeling stalked by these insects.

Trampas contra las cucarachas en casa

Take pencil and paper so that you have some of the most infallible recipes when it comes to fighting these small vermin at home.

The best natural traps against cockroaches at home
Bay leaves
Rich in the kitchen and strong to fight cockroaches. For years, the laurel is known as one of the most lethal weapons against these insects, plus it is super easy to get them almost anywhere. It is known that cockroaches can not stand their smell, so you can place a couple of their leaves on any side where you suspect they nest and where they can be found.

Absinthe infusion
It is an herb with various medicinal properties but with great insecticidal power, or at least in the case of cockroaches. In the market, it is also known as “bitter artemisia” or its most common name, “holy herb”. It should be used with extreme care because this plant can be toxic to pets or very young children. It is enough that we make a small infusion, tea type, and sprinkle it for the places where we have sighted these annoying animals.

It is another medicinal plant, native to the southern hemisphere and that cockroaches can not even see in the paint. Simply put it in your garden pots to make a great effect. Remember that cockroaches love humid environments and if there is dirt in between, then there will be a perfect space for them.


Many children do not like to eat cucumber in salads for more than their mothers force them. Well, cockroaches also do not like this vegetable, especially its smell. If you throw some slices of fresh cucumber in strategic places then you will have a powerful “cockroach repelling” in your hands.

Baking soda
Very useful in the use of the kitchen, baking is another weapon that we can use against these pesky insects. If we combine it with sugar, its lethality will be even greater. Cockroaches are fascinated by the sweet, so you can attract them with this component of a mixture of two equal parts. That is the same amount of bicarbonate and the same amount of the sweetener. What will happen is that the bicarbonate will react with the stomach acids of the insects and kill them right away.

The coffee
This delicious aromatic drink, which is timely at any time of the day, is also known as a powerful insecticide … or at least annihilating cockroaches. What you should do is add powdered coffee inside a bucket filled with water, so you will be attracting cockroaches, who love the aroma of coffee. When they try to reach their goal, they will fall into the water and end up drowning.

Water and soap
What is vital for us to stay clean, for cockroaches is a real nightmare. What you should do is get a plastic container with a small atomizer, which you will fill with water and you will add powdered detergent. The combination of both spreads directly on these insects will cause them to die instantly.

Aromatic Oils
Again, things that are perfect for us, for these crawling animals are dying. Such is the case of aromatic oils, which scattered in certain areas, are reason enough for cockroaches never to appear again. Try the clove oil, the mint oil, the rosemary oil, the lavender oil or the thyme oil. Lean on cotton to spread the product in the areas that you consider most relevant.