Safe and Non-Toxic Plants to Have Around Children


Safe and Non-Toxic Plants to Have Around Children

Having plants around the house sometimes, may not prove to be the smartest idea. A child running around the house, in adjacency, a possibly toxic plant; Sounds like the beginning of a horror movie, now, doesn’t it? Some non-toxic plants¬†can still instigate an allergic reaction in children. This, however, is no reason not to have plants at home. Plants are a thing of beauty; A source of fresh oxygen and a sight for sore eyes. How do we find an overlap now? Having plants in the house and around kids but keeping the little ones from harm; this can be easily accomplished by bearing plants that are non-toxic and also, safe:

1. Jade Plant


Glossy, green and arresting, the Jade plant blooms all year and is hence, a must have a plant in every household. Jades make for a good bonsai plant and an interesting addition to your exotic plant collection. The leaves are soft and fleshy and don’t evoke any sort of a reaction in children. What’s more? On an average, it grows to about a feet and a half and won’t take up much space.

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2. Christmas Cactus


Little and adorable, the Christmas cactus is succulent and not at all cactus-like. It blooms, November through January and imparts some color in the frigidity. It takes up, little to no space. Its needs quite some watering as opposed to other cacti. Your child is not at risk with this plant.


3. Spider Plant


Every hanging basket’s dream, the Spider plant is a sight to behold. The long leaves resemble grass and have vines that extend downwards, perfect for refreshing the air.

It isn’t high maintenance, that is to say, it grows in low light conditions and needs little to no water. A little neglect on your part is not a cardinal sin when it comes to this plant.

4.The Wandering Jew


The least amount of care and concern is what the wandering jew seeks of you. It has charming pink flowers to win you over, too! It grows vines, by the dozen, and needs constant trimming which is maybe its only drawback.

This is ideal for a hanging basket and will give your home, a picturesque look. You can rest assured that your babies are in safe hands!

5.Boston Fern


If you are a plant enthusiast and have a lot of time on your hands, plant the Boston Fern. Trendy, and a winner with home decor, the Boston fern needs attention. It is no harm to kids and pets alike and is worth the extra effort you put in.

It grows in a humid environment, which is the biggest challenge. The brave of heart should definitely, give it a shot. It will decorate your porch like no other.

Plants are an absolute essential for a home. Before you plant anything to make sure the plant fits in a child-friendly household.

Happy Planting!

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