Plants that grow fast to achieve privacy


Plants that grow fast to achieve privacy

On some occasions, we need to achieve, very quickly, privacy in our terrain or terrace, either by the indiscreet gaze of the neighbors or because the external landscape is not so pleasant; And while we can mount barriers of some construction material (such as cement or wood), there is nothing better than using plants that grow fast to achieve this much-desired privacy and in turn enjoy what we like the most: nature.

On this occasion, we will highlight five very fast growth options that will allow us to cover a fence or wiring whether in an open field or on a terrace.

These are the plants that grow fast:
(Arundinaria spp., Bambusa spp., Phyllostachys spp., Sasa spp.):



Bamboo is a plant that offers us a large privacy screen quite quickly; This tall ornamental grass can be found in several species and there is sure to be one that adapts to our climatic conditions. However, remember that some varieties of bamboo can be very invasive and if we decide to plant them we should keep this in mind as they can get out of hand and become a problem.

Light: Sun and semi-shade.
Soil: Well drained.
Humidity: Regular (avoid drought)

Thuja or tree of life:
Thuja occidentalis



This is an evergreen tree that has become a very popular option when we want to achieve privacy in a broad terrain. The tree of life can grow literally several meters in a year and many species can grow in really small spaces, which means that we can plant one next to the other very close without it being a problem for the growth of the plants.

Light: Full sun.
Humidity: Resists drought.
Climate: Supports low temperatures.
Soil: Well-drained.




Like the Thuja or Tree of Life, the cypress tree is a very fast growing tree that can also be planted very close to one another and achieve the privacy effect that we need.

Light: Full sun but tolerates the half-shadow.
Soil: They prefer limestone soils although they adapt easily to any soil.
Humidity: Little, excess water sickens the plants.
Climate: Very resistant to cold, wind and drought.

Ivy, Clematide and hops:
(Hedera helix, Clematis spp., Humulus lupulus)



If what we are trying to cover is a fence quickly, we have many climbing options at our disposal. Some of the fastest growing vines are ivy, clematis and hops. These plants that grow fast are ideal to cover, for example, a fence and give us the privacy we need, but also add their beauty, their flowers and their fragrance.

Light: Shadow.
Soil: Alkaline with good drainage.
Humidity: Regular, without exceeding.


Light: Roots in the shade but stems in the sun.
Soil: Rich, well-drained but retains moisture.
Humidity: Abundant, especially in summer.


Light: Sun to semi-shade.
Soil: All
Humidity: Regular without exceeding, over time, supports droughts.