12 Plants That Bring Positive Energy into Your Home


12 Plants That Bring Positive Energy into Your Home

People often use plants to improve the look of their homes and offices, but did you know that plants can bring positive energy into your space? People have relied on plants for thousands of years to help ease negativity, stress, and promote beneficial energy. Plants can purify the air, remove toxins, and provide relief from stress.

12 Plants That Bring Positive Energy into Your Home

We have gathered 12 examples of plants that will not only look beautiful, but will bring peace and well-being into your home or office. Each one is easy to grow when provided the right environment and will give years of benefit and enjoyment.

1. Peace Lily


Peace Lilies clean the air and remove toxins from the room. They improve the flow of energy, and are thought to improve spiritual and mental well being. They thrive in shade, and are perfect for corners of the room where there isn’t a lot of sunlight.

2. Jasmine


Jasmine has a sweet smell that promotes loving feelings and stress relief. It attracts positive energy and can be used to build romance. It needs a lot of light and should be placed in a south facing window when indoors.

3. Lavender


Lavender is known for calming moods and elevating sad feelings. It provides stress relief and promotes peaceful sleep. There are many different types of lavender and some grow very well indoors. Lavender should be put in a sunny spot and have well drained soil.

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4. Rosemary


Rosemary helps stimulate brain activity and helps the brain to be more alert. It also helps to reduce fatigue and to fight stress. It has a pleasant, strong smell that fights insomnia and should be put in a sunny window. Avoid overwatering to keep this plant happy.

5. Bamboo



Asian countries have used lucky bamboo for thousands of years to clean the air, and promote good fortune. It has a long history of healing and is extremely durable and easy to grow. It should be away from direct sunlight in a glass bowl with about an inch of purified water.

6. English Ivy


English Ivy is the top air purifying plant. It removes toxins from the air and promotes stress free living. It guards against negativity and is sometimes used in love spells. Scientists believe that it can help with allergies. Ivy is a vine that will grow to fit the space where it lives and is a beautiful dark green.

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7. Orchids


Orchids are an elegant addition to any home or office and are long flowering. According to Feng Shui, orchids attract positive energy. They have a pleasant smell and release oxygen at night, making them perfect for the bedroom.

8. Sage


Sage has protective qualities and is known for its strong fragrance and magical properties. It cleanses the air of negative emotions. It can also be used for medicinal purposes and to freshen the air of the home. Do not place sage anywhere that is dry or has low humidity.

9. Basil


People have used basil for centuries to cleanse the body, the soul, and the mind. It is a natural anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory, and is loaded with anti-oxidants to protect the skin. Basil grows well indoors with bright indirect sunlight and even watering, and gives off a clean, pleasant fragrance.

10. Chrysanthemums


Chrysanthemums have traditionally represented purity and honesty and symbolize long life. They remove toxins from the air and create a positive atmosphere. Place this plant in areas of tension to create a calm and pleasant environment. Regular watering is important to keep this plant happy.

11. Mint


Mint is good for general health and well-being. Growing this plant ensures that you have good vibrations in home or office energy, and mint also helps to fight insomnia. It releases a clean fragrance when touched, and thrives in a well drained, partially sunny environment.

12. Money Plant


A money plant is known by a few names including Golden Pothos, and according to Feng Shui produces positive vibrations that attract money and good fortune. It is a vigorous plant that will fill any space, and can be grown as a climber or allowed to trail. Place this plant in a corner to alleviate stress and negativity.

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