Tea tree essential oil uses and properties


Tea tree essential oil has nothing to do with the popular infusion, this popular essential oil has many uses and is an essential ally in the home, its uses range from health to cleanliness.


What is tea tree?

The tea tree is an Australian bush that reaches about five meters in height, from its leaves and bark is distilled the essential oil, which as for thousands of years know the Australian aborigines serves for almost everything.


Main Uses and Properties of the Tea Tree.

We will analyze its main uses, although it has many more, and the main considerations and ways to apply it, as it is antibacterial, antiviral, fungicidal, healing and even insect repellent, but it is also toxic so you have to use it safely.


  • Antiseptic:

It is one of the most potent natural antiseptics, should be used topically and always diluted, you can use another oil or alcohol of 70 degrees as a vehicle, diluting in a ratio of 5 parts to one essential oil of tea tree, used to apply it In wounds, burns and blisters, its power is so strong that it prevents the appearance of infections even better than a conventional pharmaceutical product.

Tea tree essential oil has nothing to do with the popular infusion, this popular essential oil has many uses and is an essential ally in the home, its uses range from health to cleanliness.

  • Acne:

A solution of only 5% of tea tree is enough to cure acne without leaving traces on the skin, to use it just add a few drops to a little Aloe gel, which we can do at home as we learned previously in: Aloe gel made at home, or we can put a few drops in a little honey and make like a mask.

  • Fungus of the feet and infections:

Nail infections, athlete’s foot, and other foot fungus are a thing of the past with a little essential oil of tea tree, in this case it is applied pure, it should be put some drops directly on the affected area and spread with The fingertip is as effective as commercial products based on clotrimazole (canesten).


  • Throat infections:

Gargle by diluting 4 drops of the essential oil in a cup of warm water, use twice a day, never swallow should spit, as the ingestion of oil can bring unwanted effects.

  • Dandruff:

Simply putting about 4 or 5 drops to your usual shampoo and ready, the coat disappears after a few days.

  • Nasal congestion:

It can be used to make steam baths, to use a pot with boiling water, to put five drops and to do baths to quickly take off the airways, relieving congestion.

  • Pediculosis (Lice):

We put 5 drops of tea tree oil, in a couple of tablespoons of sunflower or olive oil, it is applied as a capillary mascara, then rinse there are more natural remedies that can be consulted in: Fight the lice naturally.

  • Insect bites:

Stings of mosquitoes, bees etc. We apply a drop directly on the bite, helps its rapid disappearance.

  • Skin infections:

All kinds of infections, mainly fungi, are easy to treat with tea tree essential oil, in serious infections apply directly undiluted, in my personal experience I had to treat my son with just two years old for molluscum contagiosum, an infection of viral type, the oil managed to stop its expansion and in just one month made the problem disappear without leaving scars.

  • Home clean:

We can make a powerful multi-use disinfectant for the home using a cup of apple cider vinegar, 10 drops of tea tree and complete with water up to 750 cc. approximately, it serves for everything, cleans and disinfects.

Contraindications of the tea tree:

It should never be used internally, as it is toxic, in the face of any adverse reaction to redness, swelling, etc. since there are people who react allergically to some of the oil components, it is contraindicated in pregnant women and young children, except in very specific cases but not I recommend a continued use.