Top 10 DIY Garden Art Ideas


Top 10 DIY Garden Art Ideas

Love spending time in your garden? Add on to its beauty by following these simple DIY ideas. You and your friends will love these garden ideas:
Top 10 DIY Garden Art Ideas 1

• Make your shoe organizer your plant rack
Keep your shoes organizer in a vertical form and use it for your plants. This great idea can make your ugly shoe organizer look good and works well when there is shortage of space. You can add drain holes for drainage while you water them.

• Moss graffiti
If you are good at art and creative work, then this is where you can use your creative nature. Use the moss and create a wall art with breathing moss graffiti. Blend living moss in a blender by adding 700 ml water and 2 tablespoon of water-retention gel. Add 120 ml buttermilk and blend it forms in green gel. Use this paste on the walls or wood to create your graffiti and make them shine.

Top 10 DIY Garden Art Ideas 2

• Boots to boost the flowers
Use your colorful old rain boots and fill them with soil and flower plant. Hang the different colored shoes on the wall with the help of nails. It will look cute and your flowers will get enough water when it rains.

• Cinder block planter
Use the cinder blocks vertically and plant your plants in them. Make a pattern of the blocks or it can be random design. You can also paint these blocks differently or write a message on them or anything to make them look cute. This will take less space and that area of your house will look too classy.


• Dish flowers
Use steel and thick glass dishes that don’t break in cold weather to create your own garden art flowers. Attach glass and metal plates together with the help of adhesive or you can drill a hole using your drill machine and thread a bolt through the hole. Attach a metal or wooden pipe to the plates using adhesive. Put these flowers in your garden and click some nice pictures.

• Re-grow your green onions
Love eating green onions? Then keep the left over white ends of the chopped green onions in a glass or pot of water. Leave this pot in a place exposed to sun light. Just after a few days you will observe your green onions growing back. Isn’t it great?

• Ice cream cups
Use your ice cream cups or muffin tins as pots while you plant your vegetable, especially when in initial stage.

• Old hats
Now use your old tattered hats and caps as a hanging plant and hang them in your garden. The colorful hats will make your garden look wonderful and bright.

Top 10 DIY Garden Art Ideas 3

• Lace your pots
Love creative stuff or decorating things? Here is what you can try with your pots. Just paste some lace on the pots and make them look graceful. How much time does it take to paste a lace?

• Sparkling stones
Sprinkle some garden stone that catch sun and light in your garden. They will sparkle at night and will help you with the visibility. Cut them in shapes using stencils to give them special shapes to locate the point.

• Use lights in winters
Use the Christmas bulbs or lights in the plant container to raise the temperature by approximately 20 degrees in the cold. This will help your plants breath properly. (Whew)

• Chair swing
Use an old small chair as a swing and hang it in your garden. Just hang it with the help of a rope or call your expert to do it.

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