Reasons to make an urban garden


Reasons to make an urban garden

“The life of the farmer is the best calculated for happiness and for human virtues.” Quiney

The food grown in our urban garden will help us to consume more vitamins and minerals, necessary for the well-being and enjoyment of our family, which often we can not consume properly due to its availability.

It helps to improve the environment by increasing the green spaces in our houses and colonies and helps to reduce the environmental temperature in hot weather.
The urban garden also allows us to have a space to share with our families and friends. A green and pleasant space where we can work together, talk and relax.

In the beginning, the production of this garden is modest, but it will help us to improve and complement our food while allowing us a small saving in family spending by not having to buy these products in the market. As long as we persevere and develop it, we can even transform and/or market the surplus to complete the family income

You know what eat

There are many frequent cases of health scandals that question food theoretically safe. You have to eat healthy to maintain good health and for this, you must take 100% healthy food: food free of pesticides, pesticides and chemicals that we can incorporate into our bodies, and also, foods that are fresh.

Therefore, having your own garden, at all times you will know what you eat since they will be food is grown and harvested by yourself, foods that will be fresh and free of any chemical product.

High-quality food

When you grow your own foods you already know in advance that they are high-quality foods. Certain vegetables are only found in the market at a very high price. With your own garden, you can have them available. Being yours, the garden will be of the highest quality, giving food of such high quality that it is difficult to buy it in a store.

Save money

Obtaining your own crops, you will reduce the purchase of fresh vegetables, you will even stop buying them. It will not give you to eat on a daily basis, but to reduce a lot the economic cost.

A new very healthy hobby


From the moment you start doing your garden, you will be in contact with nature every day. The Earth, the water, the plants, the moon, the rain, etc. Being close to nature in the middle of the city is a pleasure. An oasis in the middle of the chaos of the urban.

Reduction of energy expenditure

Have you ever considered what is the energy cost of food being taken to your home from the place where it was grown? Growing your own garden reduces energy expenditure in transport, storage, handling and packaging materials.

Disconnection-real connection and relaxation

It is your space for meditation and relaxation. Being a relaxing activity will reduce the stress you have. It is an exhaust valve for the daily stresses of work. To spend a little time in the garden when you get home relaxes you and away from worries.

It’s very easy to do

Stop thinking that it is difficult to do or maintain. It is not a mess and also does not take away time. Taking care of the plants is something very simple and that with time you will like it more and more.

Another color to your house

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It is well known that plants give life to a house, so imagine that these same plants also give you healthy and fresh food. A terrace with its green plants is a good decorative image in your house.

If you have the opportunity to make an urban garden in a community of neighbors is great. If you have land for it, it is a great idea and easy to carry out. It will help you to relate to your neighbors. You will set up a plantation project and you will improve your relationships. In addition, children can also work on it, and learn all about agriculture.

An original gift

Sometimes we do not know what to give at Christmas, on a birthday or for any other reason. Giving a plant with its proper pot is a very original gift and that will bring great benefits to that person. By the way, you will receive such gratitude that it will not be the last plant you give away.

And finally … Why not do it?

Nothing prevents you. Anywhere in your home (terrace, window, balcony or patio) you can make a tiny garden and get all the benefits it brings. With the minimum effort, you can have great health.